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Advancing Technology

New and emerging technologies open up new ways to manage, program and advocate for urban parks. How can park leaders use technology to meet community needs in a world of shifting demographics, funding challenges, and environmental changes? 
Explore how park leaders are using data, mapping tools, social media and other tech applications to improve efficiencies, develop and enhance the visitor experience, inspire recreation, raise funds, and strengthen civic engagement.
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Weaving Parks into 21st Century City Planning and Design

The word "city" conjures up buildings and concrete, but a revolution is underway to 
recapture the public realm by making cities and regions more park centric. From parklets to green ports, urban farms to floating beaches, bicycle boulevards to eco-districts, urban communities are implementing new kinds of park infrastructure to create healthier, resilient, and more humane environments. Discover how green connections within and between neighborhoods and beyond city boundaries can provide a seamless and engaging park experience. 
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Living and Learning in the New Urban Habitat

Urban parks are increasingly active and thought-provoking places, offering public programs that both engage and enlighten as well as address environmental and societal issues—from climate change to obesity to workforce development. Park leaders are engaging new audiences and becoming more relevant through collaborations with scientists, public health providers, and community based organizations. Learn how innovative urban park initiatives and policies are supporting environmental learning, youth development, and green jobs training. 
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City Parks 101 and Beyond

Explore all of the essential topics around sustainable park creation and management, including: public-private partnerships, “friends” groups, park advocacy, smart maintenance, proven financial models, earned income strategies, parks and tourism, place-based arts and culture, and branding and communications.